Our Story

At Eddy & Moss, we use nature’s purest and most gentle fabrics to create stylish nursery necessities that last.

Using 100% organic cotton and timeless New Zealand designs inspired by nature’s simple beauty, we create soft, breathable products that are gentle on your baby’s skin.

With ethical, eco-friendly production at the heart of everything we do, our all-natural range is free from toxins and produced by our partnering fair trade makers and suppliers.

So you know you’re making the best choice for your little one from the very beginning.


Our Founder

Amy Edwards has a passion for all things fabric. With a degree in Clothing & Textile Science and a certificate in Fashion Studies, her professional experience designing clothes for an Australasian company set her up for what was to come.

When she was on her honeymoon in New York, Amy was shopping for a baby gift for a friend when she noticed that muslin cotton was a staple for cot sheets in the US. It made complete sense given how soft and breathable the material, traditionally used for wraps and swaddles is. This inspired her to bring the idea home to New Zealand.

In 2016, she became the creator, designer and maker behind boutique business ‘Amy the Maker’.

With her beautiful handprinted nursery essentials selling out at artisan markets across the country, it was time to make the products available to more families. So, in 2018, Amy and her growing team took the next step and rebranded as Eddy & Moss.

Partnering with fair trade producers and sustainable suppliers, Amy is now free to put her passion into creating stylish new collections which she does from her studio in New Zealand. She prides herself on the careful consideration put into every new creation and is driven to grow the business with integrity.


Founder of Eddy & Moss